Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm inked!

This little ol' suburbanite single mom just got inked last weekend. There were definite country mouse meets city mouse aspects to the whole event. As much as I try to act worldly and sophisticated, at times, I truly am just a dork. Part of my charm.

Wanting company while taking this rite of passage, I asked Maggie if she would join me on my adventure. So after my dance class on Saturday, the plan was for me to stop at Maggie's place, shower, change and off we go on our field trip. Sadly, I have this innate ability to make myself nervous over the stupidest stuff, so having something permanently adhered to my body was definitely nervous inducing. Therefore, while running out the door to my dance class, I forgot my going out clothes and was not about to be seen in my dance attire. So, after class I drove from the West Loop (dance class) to Countryside (home) to Rogers Park (Maggie's) and then to Uptown for my tattoo. And how expensive is gas these days?

When we finally arrived at the Tattoo Factory, I showed Maggie the two angels I had seen before. The first one definitely had attitude. My impression of Alexis as an angel...just a little pissed off about there. The second has a very sweet serene face. She's the one I went with. While waiting for an available tattoo artist, Maggie May and I were looking around. She found Chinese symbols to go with my favorite saying, "Live well, Laugh often, Love much." Hmmmm.... If all goes well maybe one day I'll get the three symbols that mean To Live, To Love, To Laugh. Just not sure where on my body they will go and I really wanted to know how I was going to feel about my angel before I added any other ink or symbols to my body.

So, once we talked to the tattoo artist, my natural dorkiness set in. When looking at their website they listed a coupon for 10% off, so I printed it out. Yet, while talking to them I realized that although coupon was in hand, it was really dorky to mention it. They looked at me funny and I really felt dumb. They did discount the price but did not take my coupon. I'm not sure if the discount was due to them shrinking my angel a bit, or because I asked them to remove the pink glowing aura around her, or because they took pity on me and knew I was completely out of my element.

Nick, my artist, was adorable. Wanting to get to know the guy who was going to adhere my angel to my shoulder, I started asking a variety of questions. Ask my kids, I can come up with a million questions. He answered them patiently and never made me feel ridiculous (although on a couple, he may have thought it). He's been a tattoo artist since he was 15. Although he has a definite baby face, I decided he was older than he looked and guessed his age at 27.'s 23 and I think now insulted. Crap! Does that mean you are going to put a moustache on my angel? He laughed. I asked about the whole process, how it was going to feel, how long it would take. And then made him promise that at no time he would say, "Oops!" when tattooing. He laughed again. Yes, even when out of my element, I can still be charming.

Nick kept telling me that I'd be back for another. And I kept telling him, probably not, this is it. No more tattoos. Yet, when he was done and I saw what a great job he did with my angel, as Maggie and I were getting ready to leave, I needed to look at those Chinese symbols one more time. Just where would I put them?

So, the next morning, I figured I better inform the masses. I really just didn't want them to see it one day out of the blue. My mom was so cute. Her first reaction was laughing, "So, you finally did it!" Then, "Was it a clean place?" Next, "Did it hurt?" Her last question was very funny, "Did any of the ink come off on the bath towel when you took a shower?". I hope not!!!

When the kids got home from their dad's I told each of them separately. Kat's reaction was, "Why didn't you take me?" Well, Baby, you would have begged me to be either inked or pierced before we left. Safer to keep you home. Of course, she asked about her requested mother/daughter field trip when she is 16 and my response was still, you will wait until 18 to be tattooed. After the experience I wonder if I will give in. No, I will resist the temptation. I waited until I was 46 for my first tattoo, she can wait until she is at least 18.

Adam's reaction was not what I was expecting. He hates needles and is definitely his father's child. "You're stained!! That's disgusting!" Oh, Baby, it's not good to hold back your feelings. Tell me how you really feel! He did ask if it hurt, but holds me in complete disregard. Note to self, never mention pole dancing class.

I love my angel. She is beautiful. Nick did a great job! I highly recommend him. Tattoos are addicting. I am seriously thinking about my Chinese symbols: To Live, To Laugh, To Love. Except I really don't know where to put them. Considering it took me 6 or 7 years to decide on this one. (It took me a year to pick out my bedspread, and another year for the paint for my room, so something this monumental needs definite consideration) I just might figure out where I want those placed by Kat's 18th birthday. We can do our mother/daughter field trip then.

Any suggestions where?

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