Sunday, October 28, 2007

Adam - The Only Boy in Our Three Ring Circus

How do I describe Adam? He is funny, perceptive, slightly spoiled and extremely intelligent. When he is seriously sad, sick, or hurt, he refuses to show it, but if he wants to get out of school you would think he was dying. He just walked in my room to complain that his throat is killing him. It hurt this morning when he didn't want to go to school. It felt fine all evening while Nino was teaching him boxing, but as soon as it was time to go to bed, his throat was killing him again. He just "knows" he'll never be able to go to sleep from the pain. This is the same kid who went 30 hours with a broken arm before we had it set because he refused to admit it hurt that bad. Actually he didn't want to miss a sleepover at our house. I'm still feeling a little like Mommy Dearest for not taking him to the ER right away, but it didn't appear that swollen. I later learned that breaks don't always swell as much as sprains. Good to know...wish I knew that medical tidbit sooner.

I am very curious as to what Adam will do with his life. I see glimpses of a business mind, a sensitive soul, a creative side as well as entrepreneurial characteristics. He rarely cracks a book, or studies, but gets all A’s & B’s. At 12, he has a lot of time to decide. At the moment, he plans to form a band and be a chef, as well as author gory books on the side.
Yesterday while driving him to his guitar lesson, he told me a scene from the book he wants to write. The scene involved a werewolf who is hiding under a bed while his victim is sleeping. The werewolf shoves his arm through the mattress and rips the guts out of his victim’s body and dines on the blood and gore. He thought the look on my face was priceless, while I was trying to figure how not to throw-up in my car. Is this how Steven King got started? Is this how Steven King’s mother felt?
He is one creative tween. I forgot the current name of his future band. At one time it was Zero Negative, then Kewl Fyr, now it's something else...I think. He writes lyrics all the time and is quite perceptive in what he writes.

The restaurant he plans to open will be called Naked Pigeons (taken from pigeons flying in a lightening storm.) When he was younger he hated thunderstorms, so in an attempt to make him laugh rather than be afraid we started discussing birds flying in a lightening storm and what would happen if they were hit by lightening – their feather would probably fly off and they would be embarrassed and most likely barbecued. Picture a featherless pigeon trying to cover itself up with it’s wings – naked pigeons stuck. Although Naked Pigeons is unique, I am still unsure who would dine at a restaurant named after pigeons. I was pushing for a restaurant on a beach called Sandy Bottoms. (Admittedly, I stole the name from a burger restaurant on Amelia Island in Florida. I always loved the name.) Since it will be his restaurant, named from his own personal childhood fears, he should probably name it whatever he wants.

I once went to see a psychic who was uncannily correct on many areas in my life. I saw her in August, 2006. She predicted the features of the man I met in January as well as how I was going to feel about him, she predicted my mom’s health problems and the fact that I was going to go through a ton of money in the summer of 2007. I really wish she was wrong about that prediction, but she definitely knew what she was talking about. She also told me that I was going to get into a horrible car accident and if I paid her $350 she would make sure the accident didn’t happen. I didn’t give her the cash and the car accident has yet to happen, but she was so uncannily correct about everything else, I actually put a vial of holy water in my car. It may seem ridiculous to the masses, but honestly, she was too freakily on target with her other predictions that I was not about to tempt fate. She also asked to see pictures of Kat and Adam. When she saw Kat, she smiled and said that she had a ton of friends and to encourage her artistic side. When she saw Adam’s picture, she laughed and said while rubbing her thumb against her other four fingers in the universal sign of money, “He is ALL about money and he is going to make a lot of money in his lifetime.” From your lips to God’s ears Psychic Lady. Can you just make sure the horrible car accident doesn’t happen without me paying you the cash?

One thing I know for sure, the poor kid has no choice but to understand women. He has been raised with all girls…his grandmother, me and his sister. He has even asked if I would hurry up and meet someone as he is tired of being the only guy around. I'm trying, kid! I'm trying. It's just not that easy! As he so adeptly noticed a few years ago, even the pets are female. We obviously knew Sadie’s sex when we adopted her from Kat and Adam’s dad. When we bought JJ, Adam’s cockatiel, the bird was too young for us to determine the sex. JJ’s name even came from the ambiguity of not knowing the gender. JJ stood for either Junior, or Jewel. Adam really wanted JJ to be a boy. He hoped and asked daily when we would know. The bird’s features are rather fine, so I assumed JJ was a girl, but since Adam was hoping against hope that he’d have a testosterone laden buddy in the house, I couldn’t tell him my belief. I knew there would be a day when there would be irrefutable proof of JJ’s sex and patiently waited. And one morning…the sign appeared. At the bottom of her cage was an egg. Yep…as far as I can remember from physiology, no male bird was going to lay an egg. Boy was Adam crabby when he discovered the egg. The kid just can’t escape from estrogen!

Then Adam had a plan…if we got a boy bird we could breed cockatiels! Yeah…that’s gonna happen…maybe when hell freezes over! I can barely get him to clean the cage with one bird and he plans on adding another plus babies?! I don’t be thinkin’ so!

Both Adam and Kat are blessed with seeing the humor in everything. They probably get it from me as I have always found humor in life – even in the most inappropriate situations. Part of my charm? I'm not so sure, but if you can’t laugh at what life throws at you, you might as well be dead and buried.
One of Adam’s favorite jokes is: Why did the blond die after taking out her iPod ear buds? Because she couldn’t hear the recording, “Breathe in. Breathe out.” It’s a horrible joke, but he thinks it is hilarious! Besides, he is 12. The jokes aren’t going to get much better for awhile. At least the jokes aren’t about bodily functions and sounds…yet.

Adam does have a bit of a spoiled side. The other day I made tacos. He has eaten tacos at Baja Fresh as well as authentic ones at his friend Kevin’s house. Kevin’s parents are Mexican and cook authentic Mexican meals. The other day in a pinch for time, I made tacos but it was from a kit. If we wanted to eat dinner before 9PM, those tacos were going to be from a kit. Adam refused to eat the “fake” tacos. He would rather starve which, with that attitude, was perfectly fine by me. When he refuses to eat what we are having for dinner, I always remind him there is cheese, fruit or PB&J. He then reminded me that his best friend’s parents were from Mexico and he knew what authentic Mexican food was like and it didn't come from a box. I again mentioned the cheese, fruit and PB&J. I was not about to make another dinner. He whined about our boxed tacos, so I suggested that he and his sister buy a Mexican cookbook for my birthday and I would happily make any authentic dish out of it on any day that I didn't work, or have an open house - therefore any Saturday of their choosing. I am really hoping he takes me up on that suggestion. I'd LOVE a Mexican cookbook. Something tells me I should just go buy it myself.
Adam has told me more than once that he is the man of the house. Since the age of 6, he has always opened doors for women and lights up my world whenever he shows that winning dimpled smile and mischievous eyes. It is fun to watch Adam grow and develop. I do feel bad that he is the only guy in our three ring circus, but really don't know anyone who wants to sign on for a tour of duty in our little life of bedlam. Seriously, the guy would need to have his head examined to willing become involved in our family, but maybe we can fool him into thinking we are normal until it's too late...hmmmm...I wonder....

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